About TSF
Mod.: 2008-01-02 Tessedik Samuel, or Tessedik Samuel College, is a three campus based institution of higher education located in Bekes County on southern edge of the Great Hungarian Plain.

TSF represents the old and the new with its school of agriculture tracing its lineage back more than 125 years while its business school and education programs were started in the late 1980s.

Located in the cities of Szarvas, Bekescsaba and Gyula, TSF offers programs in:

health careGyula
tourism managementGyula
finance and accountingBekescsaba
business managementBekescsaba
technical managementBekescsaba
adult educationBekescsaba
institutional communicationsBekescsaba
agricultural engineeringSzarvas
water managementSzarvas
primary educationSzarvas

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Tessedik Sámuel College 2 Szabadság út, Szarvas H-5540